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Our Top Five Picks For Fried Seafood

Three plates of fried seafood with french fries and dipping sauce

If you have plans to visit Cape Cod, do yourself a favor and put the diet aside so you can indulge in some of the best fried seafood you may ever have the chance to enjoy.  The diet will be there when you get home.  While we are huge fans of fresh seafood, unhampered by the deep fryer, we have to admit, there is a time and place for a fried seafood basket, washed down with a cold beer.  In no particular order, our five Cape Cod faves…

Kream ‘n Kone: For over six decades, this Cape Cod institution has served award winning fried seafood in their West Dennis and Chatham locations and was a staple on our itinerary when visiting the Cape as kids.  Not much has changed since then, and for good reason…they do fried seafood right!

exterior of cobie's clam shack showing outdoor counter service

Cobie’s Calm Shack: For 72 years, Cobie’s in Brewster has subsided on a kitchen and a bunch of picnic tables.  Located just off 6A on the bike trail, it’s the perfect place to cancel out all the calories you just burned on your bike ride!

Sir Cricket’s Fish ‘n Chips: As evidenced by their website (or lack thereof), Sir Cricket’s is a no-frills, primarily take-out joint.  Located in Orleans, en-route to the National Seashore, it’s a Fried fish and french fries on red and white napkin with sauceperfect spot to grab a bucket of fried oysters to enjoy ocean-side.

Cap’t Cass Rock Harbor Seafood: A true clam shack, and another website boycotter, Cap’t Cass is off the beaten path on Rock Harbor in Orleans and their reviews say it all.  If you’re not a fan of fried seafood, try their lobster roll, touted by many as the best on the Cape.Exterior of Arnold's clam shack with red sign saying celebrating 40 years

Arnold’s: When a restaurant has a steady line out the door on a regular basis, it’s a pretty good indication that they’re doing something right.  Arnold’s is no exception.  The fried fisherman’s platter is a great way to sample a little of everything, but even if you share, you’ll likely have leftovers! 

Most of these fried food joints are seasonal, but there’s still a few weeks to get your fry on!  And lucky for you, we still have some openings for the shoulder season, so get out your calendar and book your next Cape Cod getaway today!

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