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Meet the Owner:

Drew McMullen

Drew’s connection to Chatham started well before he was born when his grandfather purchased the Chatham Bars Inn in 1953.  Little did Drew’s grandfather know then that his grandson would one day own an equally beautiful boutique inn so close to the Chatham Bars Inn. Drew’s parents continued the ownership and management of the Chatham Bars Inn until 1986, and still live on the former hunting grounds for the inn in a home where Drew and his three siblings grew up. 

It could be said that Drew cut is teeth on hospitality at the Chatham Bars Inn. His first job as “Frappe Dude” at the Beach House there gave him some insight into hospitality and food prep that he used as he moved up the ladder to become a self-described ice cream expert via jobs at Buffy’s Ice Cream then Thompson’s Clam Bar throughout his high school summers.

Born in Chatham, Drew went to Chatham elementary and middle schools before heading to the Berkshires for boarding school.  He studied finance at the University of Colorado at Boulder and says he “minored” in skiing, taking full advantage of the fabulous mountain resorts in the Rockies.  After college, Drew spent the next 20 years involved in finance working at Lehman Brothers first, then with a firm specializing in start-up small specialty companies which eventually took he and his family to Florida.

Throughout his post-college days, Drew continued to spend summers and holidays in Chatham with his family there.  The dream of re-locating back to his hometown became a reality when he learned that the Captain’s House Inn was for sale.  He knew of its grandeur from the days when the Chatham Bars Inn would refer business to the Captain’s House Inn during the busy convention and social seasons and remembered its reputation for a fabulous high tea service and great customer service.  Over a two-month (or so) period the negotiations took place and on December 18, 2019 the keys were turned over to Drew, as the new owner of the Captain’s House Inn.

Assistant Chef

Claude Edwards is the wife of Dan (our maintenance man) and is our magnificent assistant chef. A talented cook with an eye for detail, Claude is part of our seasonal staff and hails from Jamaica. Claude has been at the Captain’s House Inn for more than 10 years and holds the distinction of being the longest serving member of our team. 

Jamaican Housekeeping Staff

Our Jamaican staff members leave their homes and family to work with us for eight months of the year, while our small core housekeeping team remains with us year-round. They take great pride in their work. Without them, we could not offer the level of service we do, or continue to maintain the high standards we have set for ourselves. Besides their great work ethic, they offer us sunny smiles and upbeat attitudes every day.

Grounds Staff

Heading our grounds staff is Dan Edwards, maintenance man and gardener extraordinaire. Innkeeping is not all warm and welcoming smiles, beautifully presented breakfasts, and excellent service. It also includes attractive, well-maintained grounds; toilets that flush without overflowing; and lights and televisions that work when you press the switch! We are grateful to all our staff – and their teamwork – for helping us make the Captain’s House Inn known worldwide for its outstanding service and hospitality.

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