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Winter on the Cape

The first day of winter comes on December 22nd. While many of you may be thinking about a vacation to the Caribbean, the Captain’s House Inn is a great place to come for a winter getaway. Only a 90 minute drive from Boston or Providence, Chatham is a great place to get a way from it all. Here at the Captain’s House Inn, you can snuggle by a fire in room reading your favorite book. Our DVD collection seems to be growing by the day, a great way to relax. Maybe you’d enjoy a glass of your favorite wine in your whirlpool bath. Our chef is creating wonderful seasonal breakfasts and special afternoon teas for the months of December and February. Our rates during the winter month are a great deal and even better when you take advantage of our midweek specials.

There are also great things to do around the Cape. The summertime traffic is gone and the parking lots at the beaches are empty. There is something so peaceful about walking a beach that you have all to yourself, seeing the frozen waves or more stars than you can count. Maybe you like birdwatching…there are some birds that make the Cape their winter home. Did you have trouble getting into the Impudent Oyster or Buca’s the last time you were here? Tables are much more readily available. You will also find some great deals at many of the restaurants. Most towns take advantage of the month of December and have wonderful strolls and festivities for the holidays and New Year’s. Chatham’s Holiday Inn Tour and First Night Festivities topped off with a great fireworks display over Oyster Pond should not be missed.

So, if you are looking for a get away from the stresses of the everyday world, think about the Cape, and think about the Captain’s House Inn.

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