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Spring Fever in Chatham Mass.

Now that daylights savings has started, we all can’t help but feel a bit eager for spring to finally arrive. After months of crackling fires, snow storms, and mittens, we are delighted to see crocuses and daffodils poking through the earth and every so often get a scent of that fresh springtime smell that promises lazy days of eating ice cream and lounging on the beach to come. While the signs of spring make their debut in March, it is April when we really feel that spring has arrived at the Captain’s House Inn. Shops and restaurants that had closed for the winter start to open their doors, winter wool jackets are exchanged for lighter spring attire, and there is always the optimistic driver cruising around with the top down despite a bit of a chill still lingering in the air. April is a wonderful time to visit the Cape – the crowds haven’t quite arrived, so the sparsely populated beaches are perfect for a secluded stroll and roads are free of congestion for leisurely drives along the beautiful Old King’s Highway. Plus, our winter rates are still in effect and if you stay mid-week, you can save even more by taking advantage of our April mid-week special. We hope you will join us in welcoming spring and enjoying the Cape during this beautiful time of year.

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