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Chowder’s On At The Nun!

The Red Nun is a new-ish addition to the restaurant scene in Chatham. Over the last couple years it has gained a reputation as one of the few places I can honestly say still feels “local” even in the height of the tourist season. Its no frills decor bodes well with the locals and it doesn’t hurt that the bar is always bustling, the flat screen TV’s are tuned to the right games, and the pub style food hits the spot. The chowder is no exception – with heaps of big clams and chunks of “just right” potatoes, the Red Nun’s chowder delivered on our expectations. We needed to add just a bit of salt and pepper to kick the flavor up a touch, but all in all, this was some of the better chowder we tasted. The best part, though? If you’re in the mood for a pint of beer and a bowl of chowdah, the Nun is just the right atmosphere.

One thought on “Chowder’s On At The Nun!

  1. I would definately agree that the nun has the ‘local’ feel even in the summer, it’s small but everyone there is friendly and the food is great if you want something casual but tasty!! I had some fun nights in there at the end of my year on the Cape!

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