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A Murder Inn Chatham

During the winter, when things are a bit slower and we have time to focus on things like maintenance, staffing, and marketing, we encourage the interns to get involved in more “back of the house” operations. We host four interns per year who are studying hospitality or tourism and hail from universities all over England. The internship is a year of their studies and we like to think they come out of it knowing all the ins and outs of operating a luxury inn. This year, the interns have taken a keen interest in marketing and have designed a murder mystery package for the first weekend in March. After a lot of research, they hired RTC Theater Company, a theater group associated with the Murder Mystery Café based in the greater Boston area, to conduct the entertainment. With the help of our chef Kevin, they also designed a three course English themed dinner for guests to enjoy during the murder mystery, and even added a wine and cheese reception the Friday evening prior to the event. We hope for a great turnout for the exciting package the interns have designed and invite you to visit our specials page for specific details and pricing.

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