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Beach Days

We’re having a hot summer here on the Cape. With little rain and sunny days, guests are spending lazy days on the beach enjoying the breezes off the water and taking a tip in the waves to cool off. There are countless beaches dotting the coastlines of the Cape and even after six years as a local, I’m still learning about new ones to check out.

Recently, I made a new beach discovery based on the recommendation of a guest – Mayflower Beach. Named for the Pilgrim ship, this Dennis based Bay beach boasts a sprawling shoreline, which, when the tide is out attracts visitors to enjoy waterside recreational sports. The anecdote to ocean beaches, bayside beaches are known for calm waters with few waves.

After a few hours in the sun, head down the street for a bit to eat at another new discovery of mine – the Sesuit Harbor Cafe. There, picnic tables are scattered along the water and diners can order breakfast, lunch or dinner from the casual indoor “shack.” If you’re still looking for more fun to pack into your itinerary, consider a Lobster Roll Cruise around the bay. Three cruises (lunch, dinner and sunset) depart daily from Sesuit Harbor and are 1 1/2 to 2 hours long. Passengers can enjoy meals and cocktails on the boats or simply buy a “boatride only” ticket.

Regardless of the activities you choose to enjoy, allocating a day for a trip along the Old King’s Highway just south of the Bay is a must during your Cape Cod vacation.

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