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The Red Chair’s Travels in Chatham

When we were invited to host the red chair, I have to admit, my initial reaction was, “how random, but okay, I’ll be a sport and take some pictures of it.” It wasn’t until we took the chair on its first photo shoot, that I started getting a little attached to it. The more I asked shop owners and restaurateurs for permission to take pictures, the more enthusiastic I became. Complete strangers approached me on the beach wondering what I was up to. I made friends at local pubs and felt a little like a celebrity as we paraded the chair through Chatham. I felt like I was back in high school toting around a bag of flower which was supposed to represent a baby (which, as a side note, is a very, very bad comparison). The red chair took on a personality in a way, and boy did we have fun with this.

Here are a few of our favorite shots. To see the complete album, check out our facebook page and to read about the chairs complete journeys, visit the Red Chair Travels website.

Making friends at the Chatham Squire

Waiting for a Friday night band concert at Kate Gould Park. 

Getting a sugar fix at the Chatham Candy Manor

Closing down the bar at the Red Nun

Chilling out at Oyster Pond

Ready for take-off at the Chatham airport

Joining Jill at Masjah Studio for a little yoga

Chatham Fish Pier

Ready for a ride on the water

Hoping to catch something

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