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Exhausted Parent Giveaway Round Three

Once again, we are running our Exhausted Parent Giveaway promotion after
much success with the first two rounds of giveaways. Each month, look for a Facebook update, blog post, and e-newsletter to find out
dates the promotion will be available and the guidelines for entering.
Details for December
This month, we are offering two dates from which exhausted parents
can choose to stay if they are selected as the winner:
Friday, December 14th
Saturday, December 15th
If you or someone you know is an exhausted parent in need of a relaxing
getaway, and one of these dates will work with your/their schedule, please
submit your story explaining why you deserve a break and which date you
prefer via email.
Email entries must be received by Wednesday, December 12th.
We look forward to hearing
from you!
Best of luck in winning one of our exhausted parent giveaways. All parents
deserve a break and we hope you are able to take advantage of one of our
complimentary rooms over the next few months. We will notify all entrants on
Wednesday, December 12th as to whether or not they won.

One thought on “Exhausted Parent Giveaway Round Three

  1. I am writing this one handed while nursing my 9 month old. My three year old is "washing dishes" naked and my 5 year old is watching a cartoon. This is my "restful moment". In mid-october my husband decided to renovate our bathroom. Ever since the five of us have been using a tiny working bathroom downstairs and the shreds of privacy that existed are gone! My bedroom is a dry wall dust filled mess. After three months, we have floor ceiling and walls…still missing what makes a bathroom a bathroom. Showering with my daughter is like trying to shower with a cat. I decided for Christmas I wanted to teach my kids about giving, not just getting so I organized a gift/clothing drive. It has been great, but much more time investment than I had foreseen. Two of my three kids are sick, my shopping and holiday prep work is not done, and my mother, brother, sister, brother-in-law and 8month old nephew are coming in a week and a half to stay with us in our tiny home. My baby is sick so I am working with very very little sleep, and am not feeling good myself. Thank you for letting me vent- if nothing else it was therapeutic!

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