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Sunset Sail

Sunset: the most romantic time of day.  The hustle and bustle of the day fade to
memories and the dim lighting of dusk beckons cocktails, relaxing, and
lingering over a really great meal.  Most
nights the sun sets without our acknowledgment. 
We’re too busy throwing dinner together or bathing the kids or folding a
load of laundry after a long day at work. 
But on vacation, all those responsibilities stay home and we are able to
take time to watch the sun sink into the earth. 

As innkeepers in Chatham, we are fortunate enough to live in
an area where the majority of people are on vacation and leisurely
vacation-type activities abound.  In
order to recommend these activities to guests, it is our duty to experience all
we can – it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it!  Last night, we decided it was time to take a
break from the baths, and the cooking and the laundry.  So off we went to Nauti Jane’s Boats at the
Wequassett Inn where we set sail on their new sailboat, Maria, along the calm
waters of Pleasant Bay.  It was a perfect
evening for a sail – a light breeze eased us along and the cloudless day
evolved into a spectacular pink and orange sky as the sun began its decent into
the horizon.  Our captain, Chris was an
expert sailor and a wealth of information, filling us in on some history and
information about the area we didn’t know, even after ten years as
residents.  As the ninety minute ride
came to an end and the sun had finally sunk, seemingly right into the water, we
finished the last of our champagne and felt the weight of the day disappear.  We were officially on vacation, if only for a
few hours.

We continued our respite at one of our new favorite spots in
Chatham: 323 North.  On a Saturday night
in July, dining out without a reservation is risky, but we managed to secure
two seats at the bar, ordered two oyster shooters, and feasted on pizza, skate
wings, and fried chicken – all fantastic. 
 We ended our mini vacation a
little too full, but undoubtedly relaxed and revived for another day of
innkeeping in the morning.  We were
certain of one thing as we headed home – a sunset cruise on Pleasant Bay has
made our favorite recommendations list. 
There is no better way to ease into vacation mode than taking to the
water and taking the time to watch the day turn to night.

Nauti Jane’s offers sunset cruises four nights a week
depending on how many people are interested in sailing.  The boat’s current capacity is six people and
the cost is $75/person.  Passengers are
welcome to bring any food and drink aboard, but remember to bring cups or
glasses – another couple brought a nice bottle of wine, but no stemware – oops!  Our recommendation for post sunset dining is
either at the Outer Bar and Grille right at the Wequassett Inn, or 323 North
just down the street.  Happy sailing!

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