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Five Museums for when it rains!

You’ve planned the perfect Cape Cod getaway full of sun and the sea, but then you peek outside and it’s raining. Never fear! There are still plenty of things to do on the Cape during a rainy day. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Whydah Museum:
    • Home to the world’s largest collection of pirate artifacts from a single shipwreck, the Whydah Museum is a fascinating adventure for anyone who still wants to enjoy the ocean on an indoor day. Walkthrough the many galleries of the museum and learn about what life was like on the Whydah pirate ship before it met its watery end. When you are finished with the exhibits, take time to stop by the Sea Lab where conservators are still uncovering artifacts from the wreck!


  • Cape Cod Museum of Natural History:
    • Want to learn about how Cape Cod’s landscape has changed over the past 10,000 years? Hoping to catch a close-up glimpse of some of Cape Cod’s undersea critters? Look no further than the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History: a family-friendly museum and aquarium where you can learn everything you might want to know about what makes Cape Cod such a wonder of nature. After your visit, come back on a sunny day to explore trails through the conservation land around the museum to see Cape Cod’s natural wonders in action!


  • Sandwich Glass Museum:
    • Have you ever wondered how elaborate glass pieces are made? Watch a live glass blowing demonstration at the Sandwich Glass Museum to find out! Stroll through the exhibit halls to get a glimpse at the history of glasswork in Sandwich and around the world, then take to one of their special exhibits for an exciting look at contemporary glass art!


  • Atwood Museum:
    • Hoping to take a deep dive into Chatham’s history? The Atwood Museum is home to the Chatham Historical Society’s collection of over 4,000 artifacts help visitors get a glimpse of how life has changed on the Cape since the 17th Collections at the museum include: the Fisheries Gallery where guests can learn about the history of fishing around Cape Cod, the Atkins-Kent Gallery where guests can learn about the history of the Coast Guard in Chatham including the Pendleton Disaster and the Tool Room which contains objects from the early 1800s through 1900s the changing lifestyle in Chatham over the years.


  • Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum:
    • Did you know the Mayflower landed in Provincetown? Stroll through the museum to learn about the local Native American Wampanoag tribe, the arrival of the Pilgrims, and Cape Cod’s rich maritime history. After wandering through the museum climb the 252 foot Pilgrim Monument to get a birds-eye view of Cape Cod.

The Captain’s House Inn is conveniently located in the heart of Cape Cod, making the whole Island accessible for day trips! Book with us to explore everything the Cape has to offer, rain or shine!

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