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Five Nature Walks in Chatham!

Hoping to explore Chatham’s natural beauty and diverse landscape? Chatham is full of conservation land that is dedicated to preserving the Cape in its natural state.  Many of these sites offer walking trails so you can experience Chatham the way it was intended to be! For more information on Chatham Conservation’s Trails visit:

  • Hardings Beach:
    • Whether you are hoping for a beach day or scouting out a perfect spot to watch the sunset, Hardings beach is the perfect place for a walk. This trail loop takes you along the beach and along a sandy road to the Stage Harbor Lighthouse which was active between 1880 and 1933. This 1.8-mile trail is quite sandy, but mostly flat, and comes with wonderful views of Nantucket Sound and Stage Harbor.


  • Sylvan Gardens:
    • Once a plant nursery, Sylvan gardens has been transformed into a beautiful oasis of native plants. In the early spring, stroll through the blooming hills of daffodils and then return in the early summer for the rhododendrons and azaleas. There are a variety of short walking trails that showcase a variety of native plant life and views of White Pond and Black Pond. The gardens are also the only conservation land in Chatham with an ADA Accessible path!


  • Morris Island/Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge:
    • If you are looking to escape the crowds, but still want to enjoy a walk on the beach, Morris Island is the trail for you! Park at the old weather station on Wikis Way and then head down Tisquantum Road to meet the trail. The trail takes you through some sandy forest and then out onto the beach where you can walk out to Hardings Beach Point and wave at the Stage Harbor Lighthouse across the water. This trail is relatively quiet and is an excellent place for bird watchers. This trail is best to visit at low tide for optimal beach availability.   


  • Barclays Pond and Training Field Triangle
    • Are you looking for trails that combine Cape Cod’s rich biodiversity with history? Look no further than the Barclays Pond and Training Field Triangle trails! Explore three freshwater ponds on the Barclays Pond Trail and then head across the street to the Training Field Triangle and visit an MA-certified vernal pool wetland. Along the way, visitors can keep an eye out for an RCA tower near Schoolhouse Pond that was used to contact mariners during the 20th century and then visit the smallpox cemetery on the Training Field Triangle, which was used as a training field for soldiers during the Revolutionary War. The Barclays Pond trail is about 1.25 miles and boasts a variety of ways to wander through the forest offering visitors a unique experience each time, while the Triangle offers a shorter 0.75-mile loop trail. Parking on Old Queen Anne Road allows visitors to access both trails easily.

Bonus Trail!

  • Strong Island
    • If you are looking for a trail to combine water sports and nature walks, Strong Island is the trail for you. This secluded island getaway has a 1.7-mile trail across the island where visitors can enjoy the Pine and Oak woodlands that cover much of Cape Cod, with little disruption from civilization. The island is only accessible via boat which keeps it a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of summer on the Cape. It is best to visit this trail in the spring and fall to avoid the greenhead flies.

All of the trails in Chatham are within a 10-minute drive from the conveniently located Captain’s House Inn. Book with us and see Cape Cod as nature intended it to be!   

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