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Impudent Oyster Chowder

The Impudent Oyster is a landmark in Chatham – the ambiance is bustling and the tables are always full and hard to come by in the summer. The reason? Certainly people aren’t flocking here for the décor which is minimal and somewhat rustic. They come for the food which is consistently outstanding and draws customers back, sometimes multiple times during their vacation. With this in mind, we decided a sample of their chowder, or, as they call it “Yesterday’s Quahog Chowder,” was a must. We were surprised to find that while certainly tasty, this was not at the top of our list. The clams and potatoes were plentiful and the consistency was a bit on the creamier side, but we felt it was lacking a bit in the flavor department. With a bit of doctoring up with some salt and pepper, we did enjoy the chowder and do recommend it, particularly since the atmosphere lends itself to the chowder and beer image we all have in our minds.

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