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New H2O Line of Bath Amenities!

Like many aspects of innkeeping, selecting an amenity product line isn’t as straightforward and fun as one might envision. Sure, there are endless samples to test, fragrances to sniff, and new products to ponder. But after accumulating a lifetime supply of travel size shampoos and bath gels, and months of inhaling everything from green tea vanilla to cherry blossom freesia, we still hadn’t hit upon “the one.” See, it’s not just about finding a high end product with a pleasant scent that we, personally like. Our criteria were threefold:

1. Packaging – As a four diamond inn, we obviously look for a sleek, high end presentation and many product lines offer the look we’re after. However, it is important to us that the product not only look nice, but is functional. I’m sure we’ve all had the experience of struggling to squeeze a dollop of shampoo from a too-small bottle opening despite the fact that there is plenty of shampoo congealed to the bottom of the container. The problem with many travel size products is that they sit up-right and offer no “squeezability.” So we specifically look for squeeze tubes that sit upside down on the cap – after all, our guests are here on vacation – we want to offer a relaxing shower as opposed to one in which they emerge with little rings embedded into the palms of their hands from smacking the bottle against them repeatedly.

2. Fragrance – Granted, most women love to smell like a rose garden all day. But we fear this might be a tad emasculating for our male guests. Trying to find a gender-neutral, yet pleasant scent is not as easy as one might imagine!

3. Theme – Since we are located on Cape Cod near dozens of beaches, we wanted our amenity line to reflect the seaside feel of the inn. We fell in love with a wonderful pomegranate product which we almost ordered, but felt it was more appropriate for a property in, say, Hawaii. Also, a plus for us, based on several comment cards we have received, is that the line we select be manufactured in America. So our search continued….

Finally, after much deliberation, the winner was selected – H2O Plus’s Spa Line known for their unique combinations of nourishing marine ingredients and advanced technology, a perfect harmony of nature and science. Ingredients include seaweed extracts, sea fennel, sea lettuce, Wakame and green tea. Most importantly, though, the product is luxurious, easy to squeeze from the container, beautifully fragranced (though for all you men, you won’t smell like a flower), Cape Cod appropriate, and manufactured right here in the States. We hope our guests enjoy the new line – it’s been quite a process!

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