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Cape Cod Gift Ideas Part II

For those of you following us on Twitter, we now have posted twenty great Cape Cod gift ideas to help you with your holiday shopping. Over the next ten days, we will post ten more. You can learn about them on Twitter every day at noon, or we will post them here in ten days.

Idea # 11 – A sand snowflake ornament from your favorite Cape Cod Beach.
Idea #12 – A carved house number sign from the Chatham Sign Shop.
Idea #13 – A glass plate (or bowl) from Sydenstrickers.
Idea #14 – Gourmet oil and vinegar from Gustare – one of our favorites is the Cinnamon Pear Balsamic.
Idea # 15 – A Captain’s House Inn robe.
Idea # 16 – A gift certifcate to Buca’s – one of our favorite year round restaurants.
Idea #17 – A Cape Cod photograph from Jon Vaughan – the Peaked Hills is one of our favorites.
Idea # 18 – A subscription to Cape Cod Life Magazine.
Idea #19 – A “Dogs of Cape Cod” 2010 calendar.
Idea #20 – A Cape Cod doormat.

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