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Jill’s Ice Cream Review: Jimmy’s Ice Cream, Cotuit

Although National Ice Cream month is coming to a close, this is only the beginning of a summer full of ice cream parlor reviews by Jill. For my next critique, I stopped off at Jimmies Ice Cream in Cotuit on our way to the Barnstable County Fair. While the fair was a blast, I have to confess, it was my splurge at Jimmies that was the highlight of the day. For all non-New Englanders, as a side note, Jimmies are the New England equivalent of sprinkles, hence the spelling of this shop’s name. The flavor selection was outstanding – I debated awhile but when I asked what was in the Midnight Madness I was sold.

A dark chocolate based ice cream chock full of nuts, brownie, and caramel swirl is my kind of indulgence. I considered ordering a medium, but decided to stick with my usual order of “small cup” to keep my reviews consistent. I was glad I did. The small size was equal to other creameries’ larges and I was glad. I wiped it clean and had to restrain myself from ordering another. While definitely not as creamy as Four Seas, Jimmies Ice Cream still screams flavor packed homemade decadence. With an eclectic variety of options from Grape Nut to Grapefruit to Moose Tracks to regular old Vanilla, there is a flavor for all tastes at Jimmy’s and plenty of options for chocoholics like me. I give them a 9 out of 10 rating losing a point only because I would have enjoyed a slightly creamier consistency. But hey, I’m being picky. If you go, go hungry and get a large with all the toppings – trust me, it’s worth the splurge!

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