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Packing for Your Cape Cod Fall Vacation

September is the month of never knowing what to wear in the morning. I generally change my attire three times a day not only because I have to regularly transition between innkeeper and Mama, but because the temperatures vacillate so greatly, it is impossible to stay comfortable in one outfit all day. With temperatures cooling significantly in the evenings, but increasing to beach lounging weather during the afternoons, I figure if I’m having this much wardrobe trouble this time of year, guests must be having their own challenges when packing for their Cape Cod getaways. Here is my suggested fall packing list:

• Layers, layers, layers! You’ll want everything from tee shirts to hoodies and if you’re coming later in the fall, a lightweight jacket will be necessary at night. And don’t forget something waterproof, particularly if you plan to go out on a whale watch – you just never know what the weather will be like out at sea!
• Capris (for the ladies) are just about right this time of year. I’d also through in a pair of jeans and shorts and if you happen to have a pair of those handy khakis that have zip off bottoms to turn into shorts, you can save some space.
• Comfortable walking shoes. The Cape is a hiker, biker, and kayaker’s paradise, so bring some athletic sneakers and maybe a pair of flip flops for the beach or more casual strolls through town.
What not to pack:

Here at the Captains House Inn, we try to have a lot of amenities on hand to make your packing routine easier. So don’t bother with….

• Umbrellas – we have giant golf umbrellas in all closets in our guestrooms
• Beach Chairs
• Hair dryers
• Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion – we supply a full line of luxurious H2O amenities. Trust me, they’re fabulous and you won’t be longing for your usual brand once you try them. They are also a gender neutral fragrance so guys don’t have to worry about smelling like a rose all day.
• Toothpaste and make-up remover cloths

And you can even leave your guidebooks behind. We have plenty of information on activities in the area available in our concierge area and are always happy to help plan itineraries based on your interests, the weather, and our extensive knowledge of the area.

Also, remember that Cape Cod is fairly casual. There are no restaurants that require a jacket and only a few that don’t allow jeans. Even the dining establishments with the best food don’t require super dressy outfits. You can often get away with dressing up a pair of jeans so don’t worry about packing special occasion attire – unless, of course, you want to – anything goes!

Finally, the fall is a great time to shop on the Cape as many merchants feature fall sales to clear their inventory for the winter. What you forget to bring, you can buy. And there’s always the old stand by – Cuffy’s – for all your Cape Cod and Chatham themed sweatshirts, tee shirts, and other souvenirs.

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