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Coming Soon: Renew Your Vows at the Captains House Inn

Today, on my birthday, I woke up wondering where on earth the time went. It seems like just yesterday I was buying my first legal scratch off ticket, so excited to be eighteen – a legal voter, lottery player, and about to make the giant leap from pink floral Laura Ashley bedroom in my parents’ home to lava lamp lit dormitory. Somehow, almost two decades have flown by since that birthday during which time I married James, started a business, and had two daughters. As time continues to fly and my age continues to creep up, it has become increasingly important to me to savor memories and enjoy life and loved ones as much as possible.

Coincidentally, as I’ve been nostalgically recalling my youth and feeling rather philosophical about creating memories, Amy, one of our English interns suggested we design a “renew your vows” package. She couldn’t have sprung this on me at a better moment. Having just celebrated ten years of marriage (another occasion on which I marveled at the speed of time), it occurred to me that taking the time to relive our wedding day and repeat the promises we made to each other all those years ago would be one way to freeze time and relive memories. Undoubtedly there are other couples out there who might feel the same way.

So, as Amy and I work together to come up with a renew your vows package, I’m soliciting input from guests – is this something you might do? If so, what would you like to see included in the package? Any ideas are welcome and for every idea of yours we incorporate, you’ll receive $10 off your next stay with us! You can either comment to this blog or Facebook post or email ideas to We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully hosting you and your spouse for a romantic vow renewal soon.

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