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Captain Linnell House chowder

For those of you who do not know us that well, the Captain Linnell House in Orleans, MA, is a special place for us. We were married there back in 2001 and go every year for our anniversary. This year when I opened the menu, at the top was Clam Chowder and the menu claimed it was the best. Upon arrival of their clam chowder, I received a wonderful aroma. It was nicely presented, with chives on top. No oyster crackers, but with their rolls, one does not need crackers. The chowder had a great consistency, not too thick, just the perfect creaminess. It tasted great and I was truly impressed. My biggest complaint would be the amount of clams. I would have been looking for more, but other than that, this may be the best (it is only our second entry, but it was good). The Captain Linnell House is not the type of place to go just for a bowl of chowder as it is a romantic sea captain’s home, but if you are looking for good chowder and a nice meal, it is a great choice.

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