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Jill’s Ice Cream Review: Short ‘n’ Sweet, South Chatham

Short ‘n’ Sweet Ice Cream (aka the Old Schoolhouse) in South has been my “go to” ice cream venue for years. When I was pregnant, I practically lived on the “homerun” size Milky Way flavor. But this time I went with my reviewer hat on and now I know why it’s my staple….it’s fabulous.

For starters, the flavor list is never ending and stocked with options for all palates. From Butter Crunch to Coffee Kahlua to Chocolate Peanut Butter…I stood for ages trying to decide. As usual, when I can’t choose just one flavor, I go for two – good old Death by Chocolate and Mississippi Mud (coffee ice cream loaded with nuts and fudge). The portion sizes are astronomical – a kiddy size would be sufficient for the average appetite, but since I HAD to have to two flavors, medium was the smallest option available. No worries, though – I managed to polish the entire gargantuan dish because, let’s face it – when something is this good, you just can’t leave leftovers.

With flavorful, plentiful ice cream and heaps of enticing flavors, Short ‘n’ Sweet remains my “go to” ice cream parlor. I mark it down a point only because the ice cream isn’t made onsite and the consistency isn’t quite as creamy as Four Seas (still, hands down, the best consistency in Cape Cod ice cream I have discovered to date). But a nine out of ten just ten minutes down the street is reason enough to frequent my all time fave!

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