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Jill’s Ice Cream Review: Four Seas, Centerville

I am an ice cream addict. Thankfully, I live in a place where homemade ice cream parlors are plentiful so during the summer I find myself testing the different creameries on an embarrassingly regular basis. I figured I might as … Continue reading

Jill’s Ice Cream Review: Short ‘n’ Sweet, South Chatham

Brown and cream building with steps up to the front door amidst green trees and blue skies

Short ‘n’ Sweet Ice Cream (aka the Old Schoolhouse) in South has been my “go to” ice cream venue for years. When I was pregnant, I practically lived on the “homerun” size Milky Way flavor. But this time I went … Continue reading

Jill’s Ice Cream Review: Sundae School, Harwich

I can’t say my latest blog project has exactly been a hard job. Ice cream tasting is certainly one of the perks of being an innkeeper because even my least favorite ice cream beats a bowl of steamed broccoli any … Continue reading

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