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Jill’s Ice Cream Review: Sundae School, Harwich

I can’t say my latest blog project has exactly been a hard job. Ice cream tasting is certainly one of the perks of being an innkeeper because even my least favorite ice cream beats a bowl of steamed broccoli any day. My latest taste test was at Sundae School in Harwich Port. First off, I love the atmosphere here. It is a larger creamery with plenty of outdoor seating and patrons milling about on a hot summer night, lingering over drippy cones and sky high sundaes.

The flavor choices were plentiful – so much so that I veered off my usual “small” cup and sprung for a medium so I could try two flavors – Triple Chocolate Chunk and Bass River Mud (Coffee ice cream, roasted almonds, chocolate chips, and a fudge stripe). James showed some restraint and went with a single scoop of coffee Oreo. Thumbs up on creamy consistency (though not quite as creamy as Four Seas) and thumbs up on packing in the ingredients. I enjoyed mouthful after mouthful of almonds, fudge, and chips and James’ ice cream looked almost black with all the Oreos crammed in.

My issue was really with the flavor of the ice cream which was a touch bland – I really wanted to taste more chocolate and coffee so I had to mark the Sundae School experience down to a 7.5 for lack of flavor. But I have to admit that with all the creameries on the Cape, I am starting to get just a tad picky in my ratings. That said, when there is a lot of competition, I’m seeking perfection. A 7.5 rating is a hell of a good dish of ice cream and I’d return in a heartbeat. But the perfect dish of ice cream has yet to be found!

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