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Jill’s Ice Cream Review: The Smuggler, Dennis

The Smuggler in Dennis has received countless rave reviews so it has been on my list of ice cream parlors to check out for quite some time. Finally, after a fantastic dinner at Fin Seafood just down the street (highly, highly recommend, but that’s a different blog entirely!), I had reserved a little room for a big bowl of ice cream. Without a lot of chocolate based flavors to satisfy my chocoholic tendencies, I opted for plain chocolate and added nuts and butterscotch. I have to admit, the ice cream wasn’t particularly creamy nor did it ooze that chocolaty flavor I was craving. The butterscotch and nuts were nice extras, but the ice cream itself was ever so slightly disappointing.

I will say that there was quite a crowd on a Wednesday night at 10:15 so the Smuggler obviously has a strong following. And, I noticed a majority of patrons were enjoying hot fudge sundaes so perhaps that is the specialty of the house and I missed out. My rating: 6 out of 10, but if I find myself there again, I’ll give it another try and splurge with the house sundae.

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